Friday, September 13, 2013

A Little Bit of My Hometown

So , i got a lot of this question : "Where is your hometown ? "

The short answer is : Padang !
The long answer is : Paaaaaaaaaadaaanggggg ! (lol , kidding ... )

the longer answer is : the capital of West Sumatra , Sumatra is a big island near Singapore and Malaysia

(Hint : The one in RED)

its a small-ish city by indonesia's standard (less than 1M pop. ) and its the slow-paced city .... the one where you can drive a car with just 10kph and no one will complain.

its not really a touristic city  , but there is a bunch of special islands nearby , Mentawai Islands. What so special about those islands ? they're surfing paradise ! (Huge waves )